Billing Team Member 2

Company Name:
Phelps County Regional Medical Center
General Summary
The Billing Team Member 2 maintains and controls assigned patient accounts, demonstrates knowledge of billing practices, rules and regulations of all Third Party payers. The Billing Team Member acts as a liaison between the patient and PCRMC Medical Group working with all patient accounts.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Demonstrates working knowledge of billing practices, as well as the rules and regulations of all Third Party payers.
Contacts insurance companies to check status of outstanding medical claims.
Assists and serves patients questions regarding billing. Provides detailed information to the patient in an effort to help the patient understand their financial responsibility.
Understands duties and responsibilities, has necessary job knowledge, has necessary technical skills, understands company mission/values, keeps job knowledge current, is in command of critical issues.
Meets all team deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, helps team leader to meet goals, welcomes newcomers and promotes a team atmosphere.
Meets commitments, works independently, accepts accountability, handles change, sets personal standards, stays focused under pressure, and meets attendance/punctuality requirements.
Files, tracks and records all medical claims appeals to the insurance companies. Reports back to the Billing Team Leader any issues that are raised.
Creates and uploads daily claim files to EDI for processing.
Standards of Behavior
Service: I will seek out opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, always maintaining a positive attitude, showing respect to those we serve, and maintaining a safe environment for everyone.
Opportunity: I will address the needs of my customers and respond in a timely manner. It is my responsibility to provide everyone with prompt service, assist customers, listen courteously and maintain their right to privacy.
Attitude: I will represent PCRMC with a positive attitude, caring demeanor and professional appearance in all encounters including stressful situations. A positive attitude is demonstrated through a friendly approach, active listening and meeting the needs of our customers.
Respect: I am dedicated to serving our customers. I will treat everyone with courtesy and respect. I will respect and appreciate the value of all individuals through my behavior and communication.
Safety: I am committed to promoting a safe culture within our organization.
Job Qualifications
_ Education _
High school diploma or equivalent required. Additional training/schooling or directly related experience is preferred.
Work Experience _
One year of billing experience in a health care organization required. Computer experience with strong analytical and mathematical skills required. Knowledge of medical terminology preferred. Experience working with Third Party payers preferred.
Certification/License _
Not Applicable
Mental/Physical Requirements
Ability to receive and express detailed information through oral communication, visual acuity and the ability to read and understand written directions. Ability to concentrate, pay close attention to detail and perform duties under time restrictions. Ability to sit for long periods of time. Must be able to handle and transport 10 pounds.
Working Conditions
Standard office conditions with more than average noise. Periodic contact with conditions such as fumes, noise, chemicals, hazards, and/or diseases.

Don't Be Fooled

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